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The Balsam Centre is an independent charity set up by local people, for local people.

Whilst the work of the Centre is long term, funding for its projects and services is all too frequently short term. We make some of our income by hiring out some of the rooms within the Centre, and many people who use its services make small donations to help support our projects. Occasionally people make large donations too! We value all donations, large and small.

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Donate via

You can donate directly to The Balsam Centre through our page on, and Wonderful will collect the tax for us! What's more, Wonderful doesn't charge us a payment processing fee, which means we receive 100% of your donation straight into our bank account. Click on the button below to be taken to the page for donations to Wincanton Community Venture, the official name for The Balsam Centre charity.

Become a Friend of The Balsam Centre

If you are thinking of donating, have you considered becoming a Friend of The Balsam Centre? This is a commitment to regular giving of any amount, at any interval, by standing order. Regular giving of this kind really helps us as it provides a predictable income, enabling us to maintain services. And if you are a UK tax payer, we can claim another 25% on top of your donation to support the work that we do.

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Give As You Live

Give As You Live lets you raise money for The Balsam Centre just by shopping online in the usual way. It's free and easy: simply sign up for an account and start shopping at over 6000 stores. 

From holidays and travel, to clothing and gifts, you can raise hundreds of pounds for The Balsam Centre from your everyday shopping, all at no extra cost to you.

“Last year me and my family found ourselves in a very difficult situation. We didn’t know which way to turn. The Balsam Centre was like a shining light in the dark. There is a such a broad range of friendly people on hand, specialising in many different skills, from midwives to Citizens Advice. Our Balsam Centre is like a rare gem. I hope we never lose it.”


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