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Partnership with parents

At Conkers, we recognise that as your child’s main carer you are their most important educator, and of course you know your child the best. 

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Flexible settling in

As every child is unique, we have a flexible settling in period. Some children settle very quickly and others take a little longer, so we tailor it to meet your needs. Once settled, your child will be allocated a Key Person. We wait a little while before allocating a permanent Key Person to see if your child builds a bond with a particular member of staff.

We also induct all new parents into the setting to enable us to get to know you and your child better. This helps us provide the best service to both your child and your family. Parents of younger children are also required to share and regularly provide an update of their routine for naps, feeds, nappies etc. 

Sharing milestones


Throughout your child’s time at Conkers, we'll ask you to actively engage with us on Famli, our online learning journal that we use for all children, and share your family news and milestone moments. For example, what is your child particularly interested in at home at the moment, have you been on a recent holiday, got a new pet, has your child sat unaided for the first time, put on their shoes independently etc? 


Sharing this background information supports us in helping your child to feel settled when with us and allows us to provide a more familiar environment. Your child will be allocated a Key Person, who will be responsible for recording their information and keeping you informed of their progress, although, as a small team, all staff will get to know your child.

Support for families

We are a community nursery and fortunate that we are based within a building which has a great support network for families, which we are able to draw upon when required.

Visits are permitted, but by appointment only. We invite families to visit for stay and play sessions, and in the past we've held events such as sports days, open days and Christmas parties, when families can come together and join in the fun.

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