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Easy-to-access adult peer-support groups for people experiencing mental distress. Join in whenever you need help.

Group Therapy

What is Changes?

Community-based, easy to access and run by trained coordinators, Changes adult peer-support groups (PSGs) offer safe, friendly and structured meetings that you can join in with whenever you need.

PSGs provide a space for those in mental distress to connect with others who are in the 'same boat' and share self-help tips, offer each other support, and learn how to apply Changes 12 Steps to manage their condition

Access to Changes PSGs is open and open-ended – choose a time and location that suits you best and just turn up at any of our meetings.


Meeting locations across Somerset

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How do I join a Changes peer-support group?

You can join in with a Changes PSG whenever you need help. There's no need to pre-book; just turn up at the time and location that suits you best. 


Changes 12 Steps

Changes 12 Steps provides an innovative and structured approach to recovery from mental distress (many users comment that they go through the steps sideways!). Changes service users are given full access to the 12 steps.

Changes 12 Steps


Admit you've got a problem


Take action


Trust and cooperate


Get the power


Use and develop Wellness Tools


Begin personal evaluation


Cultivate healthy thinking


Cultivate healthy behaviour


Realise that feelings may not be facts


Get on with your life


Give it time


Pass it on

About Changes

Originators of preventative and recovery-focused mental health support, originally within North Staffordshire, with over 30 years’ experience of providing community-based mental health support, Changes has a track record of changing people’s lives that is unrivalled in its field.

Easy to access and developed by those who have recovered from mental distress, Changes services are based on its unique 12 Step Recovery Programme, 10-point Wellness Action Plan (WAP), weekly peer-support groups and training sessions, providing you with a clear and structured pathway to recovery and wellbeing. 

Find a Changes meeting near you

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